Notes about your surroundings


Sea & Sage’s Bird Count Tally--A total of 157 bird species and 35,809 individuals were counted during the Sea & Sage chapter of the National Audubon Society’s northeastern Christmas Bird Count in mid-December.

The count, part of a nationwide effort to get a census of the bird population, was conducted in the following areas: Irvine Park; Irvine Lake; Silverado Canyon; Black Star and Baker canyons; the mountain areas; Modjeska and Harding canyons; O’Neill Regional Park and Plano Trabuco; areas south of the San Diego Freeway including Lion Country Safari and Oso and Laguna canyons; Mission Viejo; Whiting Ranch and foothill areas; Rattlesnake and Siphon reservoirs areas; Peters Canyon; and Lemon Heights and Cowan Heights.

More than 1,000 individuals of the following species were spotted: yellow-rumped warblers (3,718 individuals counted); European starlings (3,468); house finches (2,099); American coots, (1,823); bushtits (1,732); white-crowned sparrows (1,737); and California gulls (1,251).


Only one individual of the following species were seen during the count: American bittern; cattle egret; Ross’ goose; northern pintail; redhead; peregrine falcon; glaucous-winged gull; northern saw-whet owl; brown-crested flycatcher; Nashville warbler; chestnut-sided warbler; hermit warbler; western tanager; swamp sparrow and lesser goldfinch.


Marsh Bird Walk--The Sea & Sage chapter of the National Audubon Society on Saturday is holding a bird-watching walk for youths 11 to 16 years old at the San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary, which is next to its Audubon House.

Reservations are not necessary.

To reach the Audubon House, where the walk will start, take the San Diego Freeway to the Jamboree Road exit, head south. Turn left at Michelson Drive, and then make a right at the second signal onto Irvine Ranch Water District property. Follow the paved road and “Duck Club” signs to the house.

For more information, call the Sea & Sage chapter office at (714) 261-7963.