CONEJO VALLEY : Future Foundation Seeks Public Input

The Conejo Future Foundation, a nonprofit group of volunteers dedicated to charting the region’s course into the 20th Century, has reorganized after an 18-month hiatus and is seeking public comment on proposed undertakings.

At a brainstorming session earlier this month, the group’s trustees outlined three target areas to study this year: public safety, open space maintenance and youth needs. The trustees will select one topic as a focus after considering public input.

In dealing with the priority issue, the Conejo Future Foundation “could set up a new task force to issue a report or simply hold a public forum,” said Carolyn Kopp, who heads the 30-member board of trustees. “We need to look at where we could have the most impact and where our resources match up with the needs.”

The group’s last major effort, dubbed Vision 20/20, took 2 1/2 years to complete. Bolstered by $300,000 in grants from local governments, the foundation issued six thick reports exploring the Conejo Valley’s future needs and priorities in the environment, housing, water resources, regional government, transportation and solid waste management. After Vision 20/20, the trustees “took a break, because it was exhausting,” Kopp said.


The group’s membership has dropped by half, from a peak of 300 during Vision 20/20. Memberships are issued on a sliding-fee scale, starting at $15 for senior citizens and students. Individuals, families or corporations can buy memberships.

Conejo Valley residents wishing to advise the foundation on priorities should call office manager Carol Wisniewski at 495-8711.