Riordan Looks a Spendthrift By Not Keeping Thrifty in L.A.

I cannot begin to express my disappointment in Mayor Riordan relative to the announcement that Thrifty Drug Stores intends to move its corporate offices out of Los Angeles and up to Wilsonville, Ore. ("Thrifty Likely to Move From L.A. to Oregon, Riordan Says," March 18), following the merger of Payless and Thrifty.

Remember when rumor had it that Thrifty was going to move to Orange County? Wasn't that Mayor Riordan, arm in arm with Thrifty executives, proudly announcing that Thrifty was dedicated to the city of Los Angeles and would not be moving their headquarters from Los Angeles to Orange County?

Wasn't that Mayor Riordan at the press conference--the very public press conference--when, shortly after the Los Angeles riots, Thrifty announced their commitment to the city of Los Angeles?

Is that all such ancient history that the Mayor now meekly accepts the decision of Leonard Green to move the headquarters to Oregon?

How would the city replace an employer who provides approximately 800 jobs at one location? How would the city replace a business that represents a payroll of $40 million? How would the city replace the tax revenue Thrifty provides our great city?

I might recommend that it would be far less expensive to find out what it would take to keep Thrifty in Los Angeles now, and negotiate toward that end, than to wait and try to replace everything that Thrifty represents to Los Angeles later.


Diamond Bar


Dear Mayor Riordan,

Re: Thrifty Drug moving to Oregon, can the city afford to lose a chain drug store who's very birth was in Los Angeles?

Your comment "unfortunately, this is the way that the corporate world goes" does not sound like a passionate mayoral candidate who promised to create and keep jobs in L.A.

Wake up, Your Honor. Get the creative sales techniques in gear. Convince Leonard Green to keep jobs here.

While you're at it, can you check the pulse of the City Council? Get them involved!

How about you Gov. Wilson? It's a campaign year. Talk to Mr. Green, make him a deal.



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