Immigrants Bringing Tuberculosis

* Re "Fighting TB Will Require Both Short-, Long-Term Solutions" (Column, March 20):

Just another of the very obvious serious impacts on our state because of the continuing invasion of illegal (immigrants) who came here without medical inspection by an approved physician in their home country before entering the United States. This outbreak of (tuberculosis) in our county would not happen if we had control of our borders.

I suggest Mrs. (Pearl) Jemison-Smith check out the 440 new TB cases in 1993 and see how many are illegal (immigrants) or family members of illegal (immigrants). Also, the Orange County families that are hiring (illegal immigrants) to care for their children should have medical examinations of their nannies to determine if she is a TB carrier or not. Their children deserve this form of preventive medicine.

Illegal immigration ain't free. It costs all of us taxpayers; the SOS call continues to go out to save our state from illegal immigration.


Newport Beach

Harold W. Ezell, former western region commissioner for the INS, is the co-author of the Save Our State initiative.

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