Councilwoman Recalled Over Racial Remarks

Times Staff and Wire Reports

A rookie city councilwoman condemned by her colleagues for making disparaging remarks about Latinos, Asian Americans and gays has been recalled by voters in her district.

Unofficial results from Tuesday's election showed that 59.2% of the voters favored ousting Kathy Cole, making her the first City Council member to be recalled in San Jose history.

Cole, 47, triggered a public uproar last May with remarks she made in a speech to a leadership seminar for African Americans. In the address, Cole, who is black, expressed frustration that African Americans had not achieved as much as other ethnic groups.

She referred to Latinos as "pit bulls" for their political persistence and, using her fingers to pull her eyes into slits, said of Asians: "If you get up and slant your eyes, you might get something out of the deal."

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