BURBANK : Quake Jolts Library Donors Into Action

The Northridge earthquake that hit Los Angeles left Burbank largely untouched, but the shaker that sent books flying off the shelves has created a boon for the Burbank Public Library.

“I would say that donations are up about 15% after the earthquake,” said Sharon Cohen, library coordinator.

This week, Friends of the Burbank Public Library has been running a sale of used books as part of a fund-raiser held twice a year. About 10,000 books--donated by residents--are on sale at the Burbank Central Library, 110 N. Glenoaks Blvd.

The sale will end today, when all books will be sold for $1 a bag. The event typically raises about $5,000 for the library.


One Burbank woman donated thousands of paperback books, Cohen said.

“She said she got tired of bending down to pick them up after the earthquake,” Cohen said.

“Right after the earthquake we got quite a few donations,” Cohen said.

Usually, the used books are donated throughout the year by residents cleaning out shelves, closets and garages. Many of the books had been sent by book clubs and were no longer wanted, or were textbooks donated by students who did not need them any more, Cohen said.


But the donations are up this year because many more found old books while cleaning up after the quake. Some did not want to reshelve them, and others did not want to have to face having the books flying off the shelves in a future earthquake.

Money raised from the sale is used to pay for programs such as summer reading programs for children as well as computer equipment.