El Toro Entertainment Center Urged

* What to do about El Toro Marine Corps Air Station?

Why don’t we build a world-class entertainment center at El Toro, to include all things bright and beautiful (i.e., theaters, restaurants, hotels, landscaped gardens, flowering walkways, small lakes with waterfalls)--something like Branson, Mo., and Myrtle Beach, S.C. (a recently closed military base), where they have built all those theaters that attract visitors from around the country.

We can encourage private industry to build theaters with various types of entertainment: Broadway music, country music, opera, ballet, professional ice skating, Cirque de Soleil, Western rodeos, etc.

California is no longer competitive with states like Nevada, Florida and South Carolina, which lure tourists (and tourist dollars) by continually constructing new attractions.


A new entertainment complex in Southern California would provide thousands of jobs in the construction, hotel and restaurant, and entertainment industries. It would generate millions/billions of dollars in revenue.

And we would be building something for our enjoyment, as well as our future financial security.

We have a rare opportunity to do something wonderful here. Let’s not allow it to slip away from us!



Laguna Hills