Zoning: Proposal for Children’s Center

As acting president of the Del Rey Homeowners and Neighbors Assn., I object to your characterization of the issue regarding the property on Wagner Street as (only) a conditional use permit for a children’s center.

The major principle here is the accountability of the Community Plan. The City Council approved this plan August, 1976, making the Wagner Street property R1, to be used for single-family dwellings only. The Community Plan was revised July, 1988, but the Wagner Street property was not affected. This is what the residents were told when they purchased their homes in this small neighborhood.

Is it fair, is it just, that when the time comes for the property to change hands the old rules and laws are thrown out the window?

I for one would like to encourage our city government to earn back the trust that seems to have gotten lost. I say let’s follow the Community Plan.



Culver City