Aldrich Ames

* In response to "Ames Gets Life; Admits Betraying Double Agents," April 29:

My entire life I have strongly opposed both the death penalty and the use of physical torture by authorities against prisoners (as in Singapore). I have always felt that the use of these methods could never be justified under color of government authority.

However, I have been closely following the Aldrich Ames spying case: the betrayal of our country, the betrayal of our agents to torture and death, the millions of payoff dollars wasted on a yuppie lifestyle, and, most galling, the complete lack of remorse by the guilty couple. Now, I realize that I was wrong; capital punishment occasionally is the only reasonable recourse.


Rancho La Costa

* Why should we be so surprised that our agents betrayed their agents when that's exactly what we were asking them to do? Sounds like a classic case of NIMBY-- nyet in my back yard.


Los Angeles

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