CRIME STATISTICS: Los Angeles Police Department figures...

CRIME STATISTICS: Los Angeles Police Department figures show the hot spots for violent crime in the San Fernando Valley (B2). . . . Behind the numbers, though, are the stories. An area in Van Nuys, for example, has a high number of reported rapes because attackers target prostitutes who frequent the area (B1).

Violent Crime in the Valley

There were fewer violent crimes* in the LAPD's Valley Bureau's five divisions from Jan. 1 to April 30 than in the same persiod last year.

1993 1994 % change Devonshire 886 794 -10.4 Foothill 1,226 1,028 -16.2 N. Hollywood 1,207 990 -18.0 Van Nuys 1,417 1,328 -6.3 West Valley 1,055 910 -13.7

* Homicide, rape, robbery, aggravated assault

Source: Los Angeles Police Department

NORTHRIDGE MEADOWS: It was a sad Mother's Day weekend for Marcee Murray of Phoenix, as she spent a second day Saturday excavating family treasures. She retrieved whatever papers and mementos she could from the Northridge Meadows apartment that collapsed in the Jan. 17 earthquake and killed her mother, Beatrice Reskin. . . . After three hours of crawling on her belly through what was a first-floor apartment, Murray pulled her knees up to her chest and sobbed. "It's part of the healing, knowing that we have her things," Murray said.

TOWN FOR SALE: It's been several days since the tiny town of Gorman went on the market, and still no sale. Lots of inquiries but no offers, said Greg Beer of Sands Commercial Real Estate, though he added that the current owners are overwhelmed by the attention the sale has drawn. . . . And what does he consider Gorman's biggest selling point? Having "your own little kingdom," Beer said. Yours for a cool $13.6 million.

EISNERLAND: A magic kingdom with a twist is columnist Scott Harris' modest proposal for the town of Gorman. In an open letter to Disney Chairman Michael Eisner, Harris suggests a theme park tribute to the American way, with everything from Fatcat City to Schmoozeville (B1).

LAST-MINUTE RUSH: If you intend to give a Mother's Day card but haven't gotten around to buying it yet, take heart. Several Valley shops have extended their hours to accommodate last-minute shoppers looking for that special something. And who are these procrastinators? "Mostly men," said a Burbank saleswoman. . . . According to Hallmark, mothers will receive about 150 million cards this year.

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