Redondo Student Suspended for Firing Gun at School

A Redondo Union High School student accidentally fired a semiautomatic pistol during an art class last week, police said. No one was injured when the bullet pierced the classroom floor.

The weapon apparently went off when the female student tried to shift the gun inside her jacket pocket.

The student told police that she had been the victim of several crimes in the last year and that another student had recently cut in front of her in line. The unidentified student and two others who allegedly tried to hide the gun have been suspended pending an expulsion hearing, and charges against them are expected to be filed this week, police said.

School administrators did not hear about the May 3 incident until the following day. A teacher who was in a small, adjoining classroom when the gun was fired apparently lectured the students on the dangers of firecrackers, police said.

"This is not commonplace at this school," said Principal Bob Paulson.

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