LOS ANGELES : LAPD Officer Arrested in Freeway Shootings

A Los Angeles Police Department officer who, while off-duty, allegedly fired shots at two cars on Interstate 10 in Colton was held on $50,000 bail Monday in San Bernardino County.

Officer Robert Cardona, 35, of the Rampart Division, allegedly fired several shots from a 9-millimeter handgun Sunday night at the cars exiting the freeway, prompting back-to-back 911 calls.

Nobody was hit in either incident, officials said. They said the second motorist went to a service station to call authorities and provided a description of a man walking out of the shadows and toward the station.

Deputies who showed up a few moments later took a man, matching the description phoned in by the civilian, into custody and found a 9-millimeter handgun on him.

The officers went back to where the shots were believed to have been fired and found 9-millimeter cartridges matching the ammunition in the suspect's weapon, authorities said.

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