NEWBURY PARK : No Citations Filed in Car, Bicycle Collision

California Highway Patrol officers have not yet decided whether to cite a Newbury Park woman who crossed over double yellow lines on Potrero Road in Newbury Park and struck a bicyclist, critically injuring him.

According to the CHP, Martha Lane, 54, was passing another vehicle on a curve Thursday morning, when her car hit Walter Tupper, 26, who was bicycling toward her from the opposite direction.

Tupper of Port Hueneme suffered head, abdominal and knee injuries, authorities said. He remained in critical condition at Pleasant Valley Hospital on Friday after undergoing surgery to remove a kidney. Tupper also suffered broken bones and damage to vital organs, hospital officials said.

At the time of the collision, Lane was driving under 35 m.p.h., CHP Officer Dave Wigton said. The accident is still being investigated, he said.

"There are no independent witnesses," Wigton said. "And that makes it kind of hard. It's one of those 'he said, she said' situations."

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