Indy Without Big Al? Say It Ain’t So

The Indianapolis 500 won’t be the same, now that Al Unser has retired from the sport.

Big Al was the consummate pro when it came to Indy car racing. His four Indy 500 victories and 11 top-three finishes are unmatched.

In an era of egotistical, spoiled, cry-baby athletes, Big Al quietly became the best Indy 500 driver of all time.

But most people are unaware of this. You see, Big Al was a boring story for the media. He was always a perfect gentleman, he never had a drug problem and there was never a trace of scandal near the man. In a society that seems to wonder where its idols have gone, it might be a good idea if we looked in front of our nose. You see, Big Al does prove that nice guys can finish first.