Candor, Not Whining

In response to last Sunday's letters regarding Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam:

Eddie's candor while disclosing information about his personal life should be taken as it was given; he gave answers to questions asked of him.

In regard to the "poor kid" quote, I read more self-pity in the letter from Norm Matew than I think I will ever hear from Vedder.

His music is a perfect example of what our youth have had to deal with and their way of dealing with it since the "perfect" '50s.



In reading the letters about the May 1 interview with Vedder, I found myself wondering why we seem so judgmental these days. There's the old explanation of envy, but that doesn't seem to cover it.

When I read the interview, I heard a nice, talented guy speaking honestly about his past, his sadness at the death of a friend and how difficult it can be to adjust to a new situation.

This makes him a spoiled whiner?

I wish all of Pearl Jam the best. I enjoy their music and hope the audience can find its heart and mind and understand that the people on the stage are human beings and not fictional characters to be picked apart.



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