AND ONE MORE THING: As leader of...

AND ONE MORE THING: As leader of the Leaving Trains, "Falling" James Moreland is a legend in L.A. punk circles. Still, he was as surprised as anyone to hear that an Italian band has named itself after him. But he says he's flattered, and is helping to arrange some California shows pairing his own group with the Falling James Band this summer.

Moreland was first alerted about the group by Howe Gelb of the group Giant Sand, who heard about it while on tour in Italy. Moreland himself actually visited his namesake on a Leaving Trains tour and wrote a short item about it for the alternative rock magazine Fiz.

"It's really cool--and they happen to be a rocking band," says Moreland.

Meanwhile, the Leaving Trains are set to release a new album, "The Big Jinx," including sessions recorded with producer Chas Ramirez, who died last year in a warehouse accident.*

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