Raising Arizona (USA Sunday at 1 p.m.),...

Raising Arizona (USA Sunday at 1 p.m.), Joel and Ethan Coen's hilarious, off-the-wall 1987 comedy, finds Nicolas Cage and Holly Hunter as a goofy, oddball couple who steal a set of quintuplets.

This Sporting Life (Bravo Tuesday at 5 p.m., Saturday at 9 p.m.) is Lindsay Anderson's powerful 1963 study of a coal miner (Albert Finney) who dreams of a better life as a professional rugby player.

Bigger Than Life (Cinemax Thursday at 1 p.m.) is a harrowing 1956 Nicholas Ray film starring James Mason as a teacher moonlighting as a cab dispatcher and who turns to drugs to keep up his energy. With Barbara Rush as his determinedly perfect '50s-style wife.

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