BODY WATCH : Snack Attacks : For between-meal meals, do you go for healthy or not-so-healthy? Or maybe you reach for nothing at all. : Celebrity Fun Foods


Do luminaries get the munchies? You bet your sweet patootie they do. When the famous are famished they nibble just like the rest of us. Here’s a sampling.

* Richard Riordan, mayor: cheese and fruit or Bob’s Big Boy hamburger

* Frederica Von Stade, mezzo-soprano: potato chips (any variety)


* Peter Ueberroth, businessman: Brach’s Starlite mints and Butter Toffee candy.

* Raven-Symone, actress: fruit, granola bars, Oreo cookies, pizza.

* Jim Plunkett, former Raiders quarterback: rice cakes, celery, M&M;’s.

* Kim Alexis, supermodel: carrots, celery, cucumbers and Melba toast.

* Mr. Blackwell, well, Mr. Blackwell: dried raisins and cashew nuts (“I bet you thought it was going to be champagne and caviar. Frankly there aren’t two things I dislike more.”)