A 'Clique' That Is Rich in Diversity

* I am a student at Canyon High School in Canyon Country. I read "RACE: Rise in Ethnic Tensions Seen at School" (May 14) and I would like to comment on the article.

"Outside the classroom, they say students fall into clearly defined cliques of blacks, whites and Latinos. While not entirely exclusive, the blacks hang out near a big tree on campus and the Latinos near the entrance to the library--leaving the rest of the school to the whites."

Obviously, your reporter did not look across the quad to the steps of the multipurpose room to see the "clique" I'm in. My "clique" is not all white, black or Latino. It is a mix. There is a large group of us and we are friends, we help each other when we need help, and we talk to each other when we need to talk. There are whites, of which I am one, blacks, Latinos, Asians and American Indians. Two of these groups your article didn't even mention. The "clique" I'm a part of is one of the many groups that do not follow the standards you printed.


Canyon Country

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