In Defense of a Catholic Education

* Re: "High School Bride Battles Archdiocese," May 27.

Caesar, this is not the "Dark Ages," as you lamented in the Los Angeles Times article May 27, and yet each day, as a "practicing Catholic" I feel I must defend my faith in this la-la land that we live in.

Welcome to the real world of Catholicism. It is called "facing the issue." . . . And the issue here is learning about your Catholic religion and living your Catholic religion.

My husband and I sacrificed time and money to educate our children in the Catholic tradition. That is what education at Alemeny (High School) is--Catholic tradition.

Obviously, you and your wife do not choose to be educated in the Catholic tradition. If your wife wants education, she can be educated at one of the excellent Los Angeles Unified School District's high schools.

Our children have learned that when they make a choice, it is their decision and they live by that option. As a graduate of Alemeny, haven't you learned that too? I guess not.



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