Crossing Is Hazard

In your June 29 Ventura County Edition, there was an article about the dangers of the railroad crossing just west of Moorpark. The hazards of the crossing were downplayed by the California Highway Patrol, Caltrans and Metrolink because they could not recall any train related accidents at the site.

There is, however, a significant hazard to bicyclists there because the crossing is very rough and is poorly maintained. A cyclist lost his life there within the last three years after falling while crossing the tracks and being struck by a car.

Organized bicycle rides such as Cruising the Conejo and the L.A. Wheelman Grand Tour station an attendant at the crossing to warn riders of the hazard. The eastbound shoulder is so rough that riders are forced to enter the lane of traffic in order to cross the tracks safely.

At the very least, the responsible party should install a rubberized crossing to ensure the safety of the many bicycle riders who use California 118.



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