It's a Take--but Where's the Give?

* Any talk about "not letting Orange County turn into another L.A." goes out the window fast when star-struck supervisors think about production companies filming here ("County Acts to Lure Movie, TV Crews," June 29).

Yes, a few hotels and restaurants will make money on it; but for the great majority of people who'll feel any effect at all, it will be the negative effect of being inconvenienced and delayed while film crews are given the right to shut down public streets, parks and buildings. In case the O.C. supervisors haven't been through this, others of us have, and it's a pain.

This idea of selling private, for-profit organizations rights superseding the public good amazes me. And I wonder if it would extend, to pick an example, to an association of T-shirt sellers. Might they expect the same sympathetic reception from the board to a request to shut down Irvine Spectrum for a day or two to pursue sales?

As for the actress' contribution to the discussion--"a lot of actors (who) live . . . in places like Newport Beach . . . might find it easier to get to work"--those few of us who are not hoteliers, restaurateurs or actors will try to take our comfort from that thought while stalled in traffic or unable to park to conduct some business because of a film shoot.



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