THE NEXT LOS ANGELES / TURNING IDEAS INTO ACTION : Values : How do you teach your child values when it's on the list with 'find another job,' 'get some sleep' and 'do the laundry?' : THE TIMES POLL : How to improve Values

Resident's top recommendations for improving moral values. (Accepted up to two replies):

Better educational opportunities: 12%

More emphasis on morality: 10%

Teach children respect for humanity: 8%

Parents need to be more involved with children: 8%

Heavier emphasis on religion, faith in God: 7%

More communication between parents and children: 6%

Who's most responsible for improving moral values in L.A. County?

Family: 52%

Individual: 15%

Government: 12%

Religious Institutions: 5%

Schools: 4%

Business: 1%

All equally: 8%

Would you spend a few hours every few months volunteering to improve values?

Yes: 60%

No: 36%

Don't know: 4% Which one of these ideas do you think would be most effective?

Organized after-school activities: 31%

Youth charter of common moral values: 16%

Program to involve fathers with children: 14%

Have hospitals identify parents who need help: 11%

Consumer movement for curtailing media violence: 10%

Keep adoptive children in community: 7%

Other/None: 6%

Note: Numbers may not add up to 100% because some responses are not shown.

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