SYLMAR : College Reopens Popular Courses

Los Angeles Mission College has added 32 classes to its fall schedule, reopening popular and required courses that had been filled, college officials said Wednesday, the first day of class registration for new students.

“We’ve had several students trying to get into these courses,” said Carlotta Tronto, dean of academic affairs. Chicano studies, English as a Second Language, math, music and political science courses are among those that now have additional classes.

“We’re trying to get the word out that students who are on waiting lists have a shot at getting into the class if they come in to register,” Tronto said.

In previous years, the college has not been able to add classes to accommodate students on waiting lists, but this year officials had cut back on the number of classes for less critical or popular courses in anticipation of budget cuts. They cut the budget in other areas, such as utilities and equipment, so they could add the needed classes now, Tronto said.


“We have changed our priorities,” she said.

As of Wednesday, the enrollment for the college was at 3,431, slightly more than the 3,406 registered at this time last year, and college officials said they anticipated enrollment to be roughly the same as last year, between 6,700 and 6,800 students. Most continuing students at the school have already registered by mail.

Registration will continue at least a week after the first day of classes, which is Aug. 22.