METROLINK: The average person who takes the...

METROLINK: The average person who takes the train is male, white and pretty affluent, according to a new survey (B5). . . . Metrolink has succeeded slightly in getting more women and minorities on board, but the passenger profile differs little from last year. . . . Riders say the commute is less stressful (above) and more convenient.

JUST TALK, SO FAR: MCA’s Christine Hanson calls it an “urban entertainment center.” It’s a new theme park attraction that MCA and Sega Enterprise Ltd. are talking about. The project would be Sega’s most ambitious effort to expand its video arcade game and cartridge business into the growing U.S. market for high-tech entertainment attractions. The Universal City attraction could be running by late 1995. Cost: $25 million.

ON TARGET: Bill Clinton is a big fan of town hall meetings, but he wouldn’t have enjoyed taking the podium in Palmdale on Thursday night. Not when hundreds came to a love fest for guns (B24). . . . Palmdale, after all, is prime NRA country--and the organization is always trying to sign up new members. “The forms they give you to sign are just everywhere,” says Laura Brunts, who manages a gun shop in town.

LAST SUPPER? Politicians on both sides of the aisle showed up at a Sacramento dinner Thursday for outgoing state Sen. David A. Roberti (D-Van Nuys). They showered him with praise and, more importantly, money to help pay campaign debts (B1). . . . But will Roberti be gone for long? “This is not a bon voyage,” he said. “The Italians say arrivederci . That means we’re going to see each other again.”


STEPPING UP: Michael Frost, who replaced ineligible teammate Jonathan Higashi in the lineup (C10), had three hits to help the Northridge Little League all-star team to a 14-2 victory over Anchorage, Alaska, in a first-round game of the West Regional tournament in San Bernardino.

Metrolink Fans

What Metrolink riders like and dislike most about the trains:



1. Avoid driving (46%)

2. Less stress (29%)

3. Convenience (19%)

4. Productive time (15%)


5. Speed/on-time (11%)


1. Inflexible/infrequent schedule (23%)

2. Delays (18%)


3. Seating (13%)

4. Speed (12%)

5. Cost (12%)

Note: Riders were permitted more than one response.


Source: Southern California Regional Rail Authority