Intraparty Squabbles Aid GOP Rivals

* Over the past few weeks The Times Orange County has put forth a number of articles highlighting a simmering divisiveness within the Republican Party. Your article on 70th Assembly District Republican nominee Marilyn Brewer ("GOP Candidate Has Foes in Her Own Party," July 31) follows this trend and continues to worry me about the party's prospects in 1994 and 1996. The squabbles come about at the worst possible time because, thanks to the President, we have a golden opportunity to take control of both the state Legislature and Congress within the next two election cycles.

But our chances are slim if the Rev. Lou Sheldon (of Anaheim's Traditional Values Coalition) and friends maintain their assault on our backsides. For just as we've nominated a team of very strong pro-business, tough-on-crime slate of candidates for both legislative and statewide office, like Brewer, they're being attacked from within for reasons that appeal only to a microsample of the electorate. The rest of us would much rather live in peace with "less government" in all aspects of our lives.

Get thee behind the party, Lou, and start using your valuable time watching the other side's votes, not Brewer's.


Costa Mesa

* Kudos to Assembly candidate Marilyn Brewer for sticking to her convictions on what are true conservative Republican principles--lower taxes, fewer regulations, and less government interference in our lives.

If her legislative agenda is dominated by such themes, I have no doubt that the "silent majority" of rational Republicans in the 70th Assembly District will quite happily reelect her time and time again.


Costa Mesa

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