Support Rule Change on Helicopter Noise

* The recent spectacle over the Los Angeles freeways during the O.J. Simpson chase involved dozens of low-flying media helicopters that interfered with the police and endangered the public. It is abundantly clear that additional measures must be taken by the Federal Aviation Administration to address the problem of low-flying helicopter noise.

Homeowners of Encino filed a rule change with the FAA regarding low-flying helicopters, which was published in the Federal Register on June 27. If approved by the FAA, the rule change would require helicopters to follow the same minimum altitude of 1,000 feet above ground level over populated areas as fixed-wing aircraft. It would exempt police, fire and other emergency helicopter activities.

If the helicopter noise problem is to be controlled, then residents must write letters to the FAA in support of this rule change. Elected officials and the public have only until Aug. 25 to send in comments, in triplicate, to the FAA in Washington before it makes a determination.



Silver is president of Homeowners of Encino.

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