Albert L. Nickerson; Former Chief Executive of Mobil Corp.

Albert L. Nickerson, 83, who rose in the oil business from service station attendant to chairman and chief executive officer of Mobil Corp. The Dedham, Mass., youth worked at a Socony-Vacuum Oil Co. service station while earning bachelor's and law degrees at Harvard and Hofstra universities. Within seven years, he was Socony district manager, and in 1955 he became president. The oil company later changed its name to Mobil. Nickerson served as chairman and CEO from 1958 to 1969. He also chaired the National Business Council, a blue-ribbon advisory group consulted by President Lyndon B. Johnson. After Nickerson's retirement from Mobil, he was named a director and then chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. On August 7 in Cambridge, Mass.

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