City Hall Repairs

* Regarding Los Angeles City Hall seismic work: Your Aug. 5 article states the work initially was "pegged at $92 million" and the City Council approved $153.5 million and doubts that that will be enough!

I can't believe the city has seismic engineers, structural engineers, building inspectors, etc., and these men cannot accurately give out a closed-end contract with no ups!

My dental patients hold me to my estimates; I hold you to the price you quote me for my newspapers.

It seems only government units, from the federal on down, can't give a contract out that is ironclad! Every contractor underbids so he can get the job knowing full well he will increase his fee.

The project will most likely end up costing us more than it would cost to tear it down and rebuild it with the same look. That's what it will end up being anyway--a facade with a whole new interior.


Los Angeles

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