Woman Used as Shield Is Shot to Death

<i> Reuters</i>

A woman on her way to work with her infant daughter in her arms was shot to death Saturday when she was grabbed by a man involved in a street fight and used as a human shield, police said.

Cynthia Diaz Roanova, 18, had just left her Washington Heights apartment in Upper Manhattan, carrying her 10-month-old daughter. Roanova was heading to her job as a flower saleswoman when one of two men in front of her apartment building began arguing.

During the fight, one man pulled out a gun, fired at the man he was arguing with and Roanova was caught in the cross-fire, police said.

“To block the gunfire, he grabbed the woman and used her as a shield,” police spokesman Sgt. John McCluskey said. “The infant was not harmed.”


Police said the argument between the two men involved drugs. The two men remained at large.