Fellowship Created for CSUN Teachers

Cal State Northridge professors have permission to take time off and get paid for it.

Barbara Kulik, professor emeritus of the school’s Department of Special Education, donated $150,000 to create a fellowship that will give her colleagues the opportunity to take sabbaticals.

The Kulik Faculty Fellowship is the first of its kind for professors in the School of Education. It is based on seniority and will give one faculty member each spring semester time away from teaching.

Kulik, a Northridge resident, began saving for the fellowship after she retired in 1991. She was a professor at CSUN for more than 21 years, during which she developed a “mainstreaming class” required for students pursuing a teaching credential.


The class teaches future educators to mainstream handicapped students into classrooms filled with non-handicapped peers.

As a professor, Kulik said she always needed more time for herself. She said that with a heavy load of professional commitments she didn’t have enough time to contemplate, write, relax and socialize.

“That’s why I want to provide professors with time to use as they see fit,” said Kulik.

The money was placed in a trust where it will accrue interest for the next several years.


The first recipient of the fellowship is Joyce Hagen, chairwoman of the Department of Special Education and 20-year professor at CSUN.