ROLLING HILLS ESTATES : Sign Ordinance Gets Preliminary Approval

It's a sign of the economic times: The Rolling Hills Estates City Council has given preliminary approval to an ordinance allowing businesses to increase the number of signs in their windows.

The council will take a formal vote in two weeks. If approved, the ordinance will take effect in 30 days.

Numerous business owners testified that increasing the number of signs would help boost sales, especially in a slow economy.

Under the new ordinance, businesses will be allowed to display 12 square feet of signs for every 20 linear feet of window space. Four square feet of signs are now allowed.

Open and closed signs smaller than four square feet will not count toward the sign limit. All signs must be professionally designed, and no handwritten signs will be allowed, said City Manager Doug Prichard.

Prichard said the issue has been discussed for nearly two years, and the Planning Commission approved the sign ordinance in July.

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