COSTA MESA : College Seeks City Approval for Scoreboard


Sports fans at Southern California College may no longer have to keep track of baseball and soccer scores on their fingers.

A 15-foot-high electronic scoreboard may be erected at the college between the baseball and soccer fields. But first the city Planning Commission must approve it at tonight’s meeting.

Steven Schultze, director of plant operations for the college, will try to persuade the commission to allow him to put up the 77-square-foot scoreboard, which has been donated to the college at 55 Fair Drive by the Coca-Cola Co.


“We are a school that has occupied this location since 1950,” Schultze wrote in his application to the commission. “We feel this sign will enhance our ability to serve our students and the community.”

The scoreboard, according to Schultze in his report to the commission, will only have a “minimal effect” on surrounding properties because trees and shrubs will help shield the bright lights.

The scoreboard will be 320 feet west of the property line on Vanguard Way and 330 feet from condominiums to the south.

The meeting is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. in the City Council Chambers, 77 Fair Drive.