BURBANK : UPS Driver Robbed of $5,400 in Jewelry

Police are searching for two men who kidnaped and robbed a United Parcel Service driver of $5,400 in gold bracelets, charms and other jewelry earlier this week in Burbank.

The men apparently followed William Robert Costello from the Shine Jewelry Co. at 116 E. Alameda Ave., where he had picked up three boxes of jewelry Wednesday, Burbank Police Sgt. Leonard Doran said.

Shortly after 4 p.m., police said, Costello was stopped by the two men after picking up packages from an office building on San Fernando Boulevard.

One of the suspects who climbed into the van smacked Costello in the head with a handgun, Doran said.


The men reportedly ordered Costello to show them where the jewelry was and then tied his hands and feet before heading back to Alameda Avenue in the van.

A witness who saw some of the action told police that the men fled in a white and blue Volkswagen convertible.

The 30-year-old UPS driver, Doran said, “was upset and scared, but other than that he’s fine.”