ARCADIA: Ron Garner, the deputy chief of...

ARCADIA: Ron Garner, the deputy chief of police in Beverly Hills since 1990, has been selected to be Arcadia's chief of police.

Garner replaces retiring Chief Neal Johnson and will begin working for the city on Monday. Garner has 24 years of police experience, including 21 years with the Beverly Hills Police Department.

PASADENA: A Pasadena police officer intervened during a confrontation between councilmen Isaac Richard and Rick Cole after a City Council session Monday night.

The incident occurred in a room behind the council chambers as members were leaving after a closed session that lasted until almost midnight. Richard, who has been censured three times and arrested twice, and Cole, a onetime political ally turned adversary, had clashed numerous times in Monday's regular open council session after Cole laughed at several of Richard's outbursts about various issues.

The two drew close to each other in an angry exchange in which Richard repeatedly cursed at Cole. After a few seconds, the police officer stepped between them.

PASADENA: For the second time in less than three months, embattled Pasadena Fire Chief Kaya Pekerol has been told to stay home from work.

In November, Pekerol was suspended with pay after the chief bypassed City Manager Phil Hawkey and appealed directly to Mayor Katie Nack for a pay increase.

A brief statement issued by the city states, "Pekerol has been placed on medical leave pending resolution of the information contained in his municipal claim."

On Jan. 18, Pekerol filed a second claim, this time alleging that Hawkey maliciously slandered the chief, which in turn caused emotional distress and psychological damage to Pekerol.

A claim is usually the first step in the filing of a lawsuit against a government entity.

The chief returned to work Jan. 9, but not before filing a claim against Hawkey and other top city officials. In the claim, Pekerol alleges that Hawkey and other city officials violated Pekerol's civil rights and conspired against him.

On Monday, Pekerol was placed on indefinite medical leave.

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