Doctors Have Right to Serve Anyone


It was heartwarming to read in “Putting Health First,” (Feb. 13) about the two doctors, (Monte and Don) McCanne, who have committed their lives to serving the Hispanic community of south Orange County without regard to ability to pay or proof of citizenship.

When doctors are too often perceived as primarily concerned with their own bottom lines, it’s reassuring to know that these men give so freely of their talents.

In contrast, I was sickened by the outright meanness expressed by Nancy Thomson, coordinator of Citizens for Responsible Immigration, in her objection to the McCannes providing medical health care to illegal residents. Her position that Orange County’s bankruptcy somehow means that “these doctors do not have the right to give their services to people who” are here illegally is incredible. Is she so lacking in care for her fellow man that she would deny the doctors’ right to deliver their own services to whomever they please?


And what about Newt Gingrich’s position that private charity should replace government in caring for the needy? These doctors are reducing the county’s cost of caring for the indigent in emergency rooms. Their basic humanity stands in sharp contrast to the barely concealed bigotry of the anti-immigration groups.


San Clemente

* Congratulations to the McCanne brothers. Their work and altruism is a true reflection of the Libertarian views. They are helping others without a law requiring them to do so and without any laws telling them they cannot.



* I am a middle-class, third-generation American. Thirty years ago, my daughter, Lisa, was very ill and none of the fancy doctors in South County knew what was wrong. Dr. Monte McCanne diagnosed leukemia and sent us to Children’s Hospital of Orange County for affordable care, as we had no insurance at the time. Dr. Monte remained our family physician for many years.

Nancy Thomson of Citizens for Responsible Immigration says: “These doctors do not have the right to give their services to people who” are here illegally. These doctors have the right to give whatever they like to whomever they like. Thomson is a disgrace to humanity.


Laguna Niguel

* Boos to Nancy Thomson for her position that “these doctors do not have the right to give their services to people who” are here illegally. Come on.

But kudos to Drs. Don and Monte McCanne for their medical services to the poor and indigent for long years, regardless of the ability to pay. These men have to be among the brightest luminaries in our community.


Associate Pastor

La Purisima Catholic Church