SPRING FLING: There'll be a flood of...

SPRING FLING: There'll be a flood of new releases competing for sales dollars this spring and early summer. Among the other most anticipated:

* The Red Hot Chili Peppers' as-yet-untitled album, due in June. "This is one of the top ones coming," says radio programming consultant Jeff Pollack.

* Toni Braxton's second album, due in June. "She has an unbelievable voice and is one of the few major new pop talents to come out in the last five years," says Pollack.

* 2Pac's "Me Against the World," due March 14. "On the hip-hop side, unfortunately, being in jail helps sales," says Bruce St. James, music director of hip-hop-heavy station KPWR-FM, noting the rapper's recent sexual assault conviction.

* Annie Lennox's first album in three years, "Medusa," due March 14.

* White Zombie's follow-up to its surprise 1993 hit "La Sexorcisto." "They really worked hard to make the last one a hit, so this should be strong too," says Megan McLaughlin, editor of the college radio magazine CMJ.

* Naughty By Nature's "Poverty's Paradise," due April 18.

* Probable Lollapalooza act Cypress Hill's "Temples of Boom," due in May.

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