YORBA LINDA : City Rejects Parents’ Request for School Crosswalk and Guard

City officials have rebuffed a request from parents of Yorba Linda Middle School students who were seeking a crosswalk and crossing guard in front of the school.

Parents asked the city last fall to install the crosswalk because students have been crossing Casa Loma Avenue in the middle of the block to save time instead of walking south to Yorba Linda Boulevard or north to Imperial Highway intersections.

But City Engineer Roy Stephenson told the panel that the proposed crosswalk would be a mid-block crossing that violates city guidelines.

Stephenson also said there are not enough students crossing Casa Loma in the middle of the block to warrant either a crosswalk or a crossing guard.


“The criteria for the installation of a crossing guard . . . is at least 40 pedestrians . . . using the crossing while going to and from school,” Stephenson said.

The estimated number of students crossing in front of the school is 15, he said.