Doll Hut Sets Benefits to Replace Equipment


Many businesses wouldn't be terribly impacted by a $2,000 burglary, but that's not the case with Linda's Doll Hut, the tiny club that books bands on a grass-roots level and operates on a tight budget.

So a February burglary, in which owner Linda Jemison says thieves broke a hole through the club's rear wall and carried off its sound mixing board and monitors, was a significant setback. To recoup the losses, the Doll Hut will throw two daylong benefits for itself, the first on Sunday and the second on March 19.

"It all happened at a bad time for me, because taxes are due now," Jemison said. "The Doll Hut has always run week to week because I want to keep prices low and make sure the bands get paid (decently)."

The club has been operating with a borrowed sound system, and Jemison hopes to raise $2,000 from the benefits to replace the stolen gear.

The concerts will showcase the two main stylistic strands the Doll Hut offers. This Sunday's lineup features roots-music and rockabilly performers, and the March 19 bill is made up mainly of punk and alternative rock bands. Both shows run from 2 to about 11:30 p.m., with admission $8.

The lineups, in approximate order of appearance, are:

Sunday: Barry Holdship, Reed Williams, Cody Bryant, Losin' Brothers, Sun Demons, Russell Scott and the Red Hots, Chris Gaffney & the Cold Hard Facts, Lucky Stars, Hellbound Hayride, Dave & Deke Combo and Big Sandy and His Fly-Rite Boys.

March 19: Knockout, Crash Kills Four, Hellbound Hayride, Splinter, Loogie, China White, Fuel, Rule 62, One Hit Wonder and Manic Hispanic.

The Doll Hut is at 107 S. Adams St., Anaheim. (714) 533-1286.

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