From Ventura's Personal Health Development Co., makers...

From Ventura's Personal Health Development Co., makers of the Power Punch drink and Golf Pro nutrition bar, comes a health bar designed for computer users.

Whereas the golf bar was loaded with chamomile and Vitamin B12 for increased calmness, the "Think" bar will go heavy on gingko biloba.

"The herb has been used by Chinese herbalists to crank up the thinking power," said Lizanne Falsetto, co-owner of the company. "It's for computer users, lawyers, secretaries, anyone who needs something to eat when they're working on the computer. It increases your energy and gives you more concentration."

"Think," due out in about a month, will come in peanut butter-chocolate and coconut-almond-raisin. For information, call (800) 643-2057.


If all goes well, Simi Valley will have a new restaurant-pub this week. Joe-Joe's Brewing Co. is planning to open this week at the HomeBase shopping center on Los Angeles Avenue. Brewer Ruben Romero will handle the homemade beers and ales--all made at Joe-Joe's on-site brewery, and Chef Salvatore Covallo will take care of the food.

"We'll have everything from hamburgers to scampi," said Joe Termonti, co-owner of the restaurant with Joe Vogel (hence the Joe-Joe). "We'll have gourmet potato boats, seven different kinds of pasta, stuffed pork chops, stuffed salmon, stuffed sole, bruschetta and ceviche."


Just north of the county line:

Celestino Drago, executive chef and co-owner of Drago's Ristorante in Santa Monica, will join Chef Gerard Thompson of the Stonehouse restaurant at the San Ysidro Ranch in Montecito to prepare a five-course dinner Monday.

Drago's visit is part of the Stonehouse's "Next Generation Chef Series" featuring the culinary skills of top young chefs. Drago was named by Food and Wine magazine as one of the best new chefs of 1993.

The meal will open with jumbo scallops, baby artichokes and morel mushrooms in a light broth. Then comes braised bobwhite quail filled with ham and wild rice on a bed of butternut squash, followed by risotto with mixed wild mushrooms and mascarpone cheese.

For the entree, it's a choice of veal tenderloin with black truffle sauce and a potato thyme tart, or broiled Norwegian salmon on a bed of spinach-potato puree with onion broth.

Cost is $45 per person. Call 969-4100 for reservations.

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