THE GOODS : A Way to Make Filling In the Forms a Little Less Taxing


Talk taxes to your computer, thanks to Verbex Voice Systems’ Listen for Turbo Tax, the first speech software that works with Intuit’s popular tax preparation software, Turbo Tax.

The new software, one of Verbex’s 40 Listen for Windows 2.0 speech-enabled programs, allows users to shuffle through documents needed for tax forms while entering the data by speaking to the computer. “Anybody with a North American dialect will have speech recognition with this system,” says a Verbex Voice Systems’ representative.

Listen for Turbo Tax can be used with any 486 personal computer or with a sound card and Windows environment.

Turbo Tax speech software comes with Listen for Windows and a headset or desk/monitor microphone for $139. If you already own a microphone, you can get Turbo Tax/Listen for Windows for $99. Current users of Listen for Windows 2.0 can purchase the Turbo Tax speech software for $14.95.


Listen for Windows Turbo Tax is available nationwide at CompUSA, Elek-Tek, Nobody Beats the Wiz, Fry’s Electronics, Micro Center, Software Etc. and other selected computer stores. Or call (800) ASK-VRBX.

A Reference You Can Feel Good About

Now there’s a CD-ROM version of the Home Medical Advisor Pro, an all-in-one medical reference program endorsed by the American College of Emergency Physicians. Its images are so realistic, a censor function was added to warn users of “overly graphic” ones.

Produced by Pixel Perfect Software of Merritt Island, Fla., the 1995 edition analyzes symptoms and provides diagnoses and recommendations, has a color atlas of medicine with more than 1,500 images, offers a database of 5,000 drugs and foods, and reports up to 500,000 potentially harmful interactions. Other features are 70 videos of medical procedures, first aid instructions and a 3,000-word medical glossary. A new “say it” feature pronounces medical terms and drug names.


Home Medical Advisor Pro also keeps your family’s medical records and allows users to create customized medical/legal documents, such as a living will or durable power of attorney.

The Home Medical Advisor Pro for CD-ROM ($99.95) is available at computer stores and mass merchandisers nationwide. Or call Pixel Perfect at (800) 788-2099.

Put Your Car in Protective Custody

WET, the first car polish with Teflon, will hit the stores this month.

The new polish is formulated with Teflon and a fluid resin that its manufacturer says enhances durability of a car’s finish and gives added protection against bird droppings and hard water spots.

Developed by Eagle One of Carlsbad, WET gives a car a glass-like shine that protects the finish for several months. Apply it to the car after washing, using a non-abrasive soft pad included with the 16-ounce bottle. After the polish dries, buff it.

WET ($11.95) will be available nationwide at auto parts stores, mass merchandisers and discount outlets, including Chief Auto Parts, Pep Boys, Kragen, Target, Wal-Mart and Trak Auto.