Police: Roles of Agencies and Public in Reducing Crime

I was pleased to review the crime trends article in the Westside edition written by Susan Steinberg ("Crime Takes a Fall," Feb. 12.)

Our neighboring municipal law enforcement agencies are doing a fine job of making a dent in the crime statistics in the most recent two-year comparison: 1992 vs. 1994 calendar years.

Our official department statistical publication for 1994 is not yet available, but my preliminary data for the West Hollywood area indicates similar decreases in some crime categories from 1993, compared to the 1994 calendar year period.

For example, cases of rape were down 27% from 1993, robberies decreased by 34% from year to year, and burglaries were down by 22% from 1993 as compared to 1994. Arson cases were down by nearly 69% from the prior year.

I believe that the three-strikes law, the superior level of cooperation between the police and the public, and increased arrest rates have all positively impacted our ability to fight back against the criminal element.





West Hollywood Sheriff's Station

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