MOBY, "Everything Is Wrong" ( Elektra )...

MOBY, "Everything Is Wrong" ( Elektra ) ****

It's not often that an album, regardless of its orientation or audience, can gracefully touch on just about every human emotion while also being a musical masterpiece--but Moby's first full album does just that.

Though the New York deejay-producer has been a leading figure on the techno scene since his 1991 club hit "Go," this album finds Moby stretching beyond even his previous broad boundaries. The album swoops from agony to ecstasy, leaping from the glittery heights of disco divadom to the rampaging ugliness of speed-metal to the refined feel of classical--while always remaining consistently Moby.

The clean and pure piano solo "Hymn" pristinely kicks off the 13-track album, which includes the industrial-tinged number "All That I Need," the celebratory "Everytime You Touch Me" (a sort of speedy, '90s ode to Donna Summer) and a trip to the billowy white clouds of heaven with "God Moving Over the Face of the Waters."

Moby not only comes off as techno's most defined personality, but also delivers one of the decade's most dynamic albums.

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