Calling All Fathers


David Blankenhorn, chairman of the National Fatherhood Initiative, will appear at the first stop of the initiative’s National Fatherhood Tour, 9 a.m. Friday at the Western Medical Center, 1001 N. Tustin in Santa Ana.

The nationwide tour, launched Tuesday in Washington, D.C., is sponsored locally by the Fathers Coalition of Orange County, a new, nonpartisan group of organizations and individuals that wants to assist men in becoming stronger, more effective fathers.

Co-chairman Gregory Bishop of Irvine said he wants to reach the whole spectrum of fathers. “You want that guy in the inner city who’s a deadbeat dad to step up to the challenge. You also want that guy in Newport Beach who’s buying off his kid with cars and toys to step up to the challenge too. We want him to spend the time with his kid too.”


The National Fatherhood Initiative’s mission is to “reinstate fatherhood as a national priority by restoring the meaning of and personal commitment to fatherhood.” After a presentation on the state of fatherhood in the United States, participants will be asked to make a commitment to reverse the trend toward father absence.

Reservations may be obtained by calling (714) 786-3597.