BASEBALL : Fishel Is Out; He’s Expected Back Friday


Angel outfielder/first baseman John Fishel, incarcerated Tuesday for failing to pay child support, posted a $12,000 bond Wednesday and was released from a Maricopa County jail.

The former Cal State Fullerton standout, who was named most valuable player in the 1984 College World Series, is expected to rejoin the Angels Friday after missing games Tuesday and Wednesday.

Fishel, 32, was arrested during a game last week on a warrant that he owes $66,686 in child support to Kim Ketchum, a Phoenix-area woman who claims Fishel is the father of her daughter, Ashley, 6.


The Angels paid an $8,000 bond to have Fishel released from jail last week. Fishel’s wife, Tamara, was able to raise the $12,000 through family members and friends.

Jess Lorona, a Phoenix-based attorney representing Fishel, said Tuesday that lawyers for Ketchum had offered to settle the case for $25,000, meaning Fishel, after payments of $8,000 and $12,000, would need only $5,000 more to be relieved of any future support payments.

But Lorona said Wednesday that Ketchum’s attorney withdrew the $25,000 offer and now wants $40,000 to settle the case, meaning Fishel would need an additional $20,000.

“I’m beside myself, because I feel I’ve been duped,” Lorona said. “I was working with a $25,000 figure and now we get this. I thought we had a deal.”

Fishel is under court order to make payments of $1,200 a month to Ketchum for the next year, or until the case is settled.