Canyon Country Man Held in Fraud

A Canyon Country man was arrested on suspicion of credit card fraud for allegedly ringing up $135,000 worth of charges using the names and credit of other people, police said Thursday.

Police say they are investigating how the man, Mustafa Owodunni, got the names.

That "is the $64,000 question," said Los Angeles Police Detective Russ Pungrchar. "He indicated that he was purchasing them from another source."

Pungrchar said Owodunni, 30, rented apartments in the San Fernando Valley using the names of 25 people and listed those addresses to apply for credit cards. He also used a network of post office boxes for his transactions, Pungrchar said. He was arrested Monday at one of the mail drops.

Pungrchar said Owodunni may have worked with a larger ring of credit card fraud artists. Among his victims were "just about every credit card company and every credit union," Pungrchar said.

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