SIMI VALLEY : Police Announce Temporary Moves


The resignation of Simi Valley’s police chief has caused a domino-like series of promotions inside the department, City Manager Lin Koester announced Wednesday.

When Police Chief Willard R. Schlieter resigned last month, Capt. Richard Wright was appointed to replace him as acting chief until a search firm can turn up a new chief. The City Council is expected to name a search firm at next week’s meeting.

Monday, Koester announced that Lt. Mark Layhew, head of detectives and a 20-year department veteran, has been promoted to acting captain.


Layhew will replace Wright temporarily as head of the Support Services Division, overseeing administration, records, detectives and the special operations unit.

Layhew will be replaced temporarily by 19-year veteran Lt. Ken Tacke, who, in turn, will be replaced by traffic Sgt. Mike Brewer. Brewer, a 19-year veteran, is to be promoted temporarily to the rank of lieutenant and will take over Tacke’s previous assignment as day watch commander.

The officers who move up in rank will get a temporary increase in pay, either a 5.5% raise or a boost to the bottom salary of their new rank, whichever is greater, Assistant City Manager Mike Sedell said.

The officers will return to their previous ranks, salaries and jobs when a new chief is named, Sedell said.