POP MUSIC REVIEW : Nancy Sinatra Takes a Game Walk at the House of Blues

If Nancy Sinatra had never done anything more than record the proto-riot-grrl anthem “These Boots Are Made for Walkin’ ” in 1966, you might have to consider her a national treasure.

Consequently, her show Wednesday night at House of Blues--said to be her first live appearance (save for a few duets with Daddy) in more than 20 years--was an irresistible lure for younger nostalgists. It’s not every decade you get to hear “Sugar Town” sung by the original artist.

For every charming oldie, there was a compensating tune from her new “country” album, “One More Time.”

Even when Sinatra stuck with the superior bubble gum of her ’66-68 chart reign, the effect of two decades off was felt, with notes often veering sharp and flat when she chose to belt them out rather than coo. At least she was in no danger of being vocally outshined by her ‘60s producer-writer Lee Hazlewood, who joined in for six raggedy duets.


On the plus side, “Good Time Girl” was accompanied by a most entertaining collection of clips from Sinatra’s abridged career as a movie sex bomb, and the eternal “Boots” had its icon, swell-looking as ever in a go-go skirt, shimmying offstage just like in the seminal music video.

Game as she seemed for this comeback, you do get the feeling that maybe the music thing now is more to promote the Playboy layout than the other way around.