"Duck" Tape Keeps Actress Afloat

Re "It's a Wrap" May 22:

I was inspired by your article about the miracle known as duct tape ". . . It's a Wrap," (May 22). I have always had a deep and profound love for that little wonder, yet I thought I was alone. In fact, my boyfriend woke me up to show me the article. What a great feeling to know that there are other people out there who are just as addicted to duct tape as I am.

I'm an actress and duct tape has saved me numerous times over the years. When I was attending acting school in New York, I never had to hem a thing, just a small strip of tape folded over sticky side out did the trick every time.

As a matter of fact, I have a shirt I "duck-hemmed" that I still wear today, and seven years later the hem is still holding.


Los Angeles

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