Westside : Drivers Can Buy Some Time in West Hollywood

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West Hollywood has the key to hassle-free parking.

And it’s for sale.

The city is selling “cash keys” that when inserted in special meters buys parking time in 20-minute increments.

By using the rechargeable, magnetized keys--set for an amount between $10 and $100--one is freed from carting around buckets of quarters to feed those ravenous meters.

City transportation planner Donald Korotsky said that a six-month pilot program involving about 500 meters has been so popular that the city is converting all its 1,625 meters to accept the key.


Another plus, Korotsky said, is that the new meters take all coins except pennies. “Now, people are more inclined to put in money,” Korotsky said.

Korotsky said West Hollywood is talking to Westside neighbors, Beverly Hills and Culver City, about a joint “cash key” program.